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Spike’s Quickcut

Spike's QuickCut
Spike’s QuickCut
Invented by an individual who has cleaned feedlot pens for years. He knew there had to be a better way.
After six years of experiments and trials, he came up with the solution – Spike’s QuickCut.
Call Sellers Equipment today and set up a demo of the Spike’s QuickCut. You too can cut your pen-cleaning time by more than half!
Simplifies pen cleaning in an easy way.
Leaves pens flat and level, no more gouging.
Protects the hard pan in the pen.
Cuts pen cleaning time by more than half.
Less wear on the loader.  Tires, cutting edge, fuel, etc.
Works great in dry conditions – spreaders love this!
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Our purpose is solely in service."

-Ben Sellers 1947